Sunday, December 4, 2011

Good bye

Good bye favorite pair of running shoes!!

Well its time to toss them in the garbage, but I do that with a heavy heart.
They were my first pair of shoes I ever ran a race (5K and half marathon) and I consider them my lucky pair.

Hope my next pair will be as loyal :)


Even though Thanksgiving is over I wanted to post a few pics from my alltime favorite Holiday.
I enjoy that day so very much.You don`t have the present stress from Christmas, just familytime, good food and drinks, walk through the neighborhood and football.

This is a craft I made with Naiya and Calan. Easy to do, just watch out for the hot glue gun.

Naiya and Calan posing with our 20 pound bird

So now that thanksgiving is over off to the next holiday.
Remember what this season is about. Take some time out of the busy schedule and enjoy!

Happy December!



Thursday, November 10, 2011


Trying to follow my goal list (which I will talk about later more), I am working on spending more quality time with my kids.

So today after I picked up my little man from school we went to the lake and fed the ducks. I also brought him a lunch which he enjoyed after the ducks got their share of bread.

So take some minutes out of your hectic day and just ENJOY! Time flies by way too fast and before we know it it`s too late and the kids are all grown and we can`t turn back the clock.

So here`s to feeding some ducks with my favorite boy :)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today my mind was wandering a lot. On a good note I passed my exam and can call myself now a personal trainer. I am proud and happy and exited and can`t wait to see where this journey leads me to..hopefully many good things.

Then my mind starting going off...thinking off my dad whose birthday it is today and who would have turned 65 years today.

And I kept wondering what he would have said to me had he known what I achieved today. He would have been happy and excited for me and I wished he could see me now. The last time we were together I was almost 40 pounds heavier and fitness was no word in my vocabulary. Now almost 3 years later my life has changed and I wished he would still be around to see it.

I wished he would still be around to see so many more things: my kids growing up so fast, the state I am living in now, 2 new grandtwins in the family...all good things.

Maybe he smiles down on us from up there and cheers us on. At least that`s something I`d like to believe in.

Happy birthday Papa!
Love you forever!

Tell someone you love him today!

New friends

We have 2 new friends in the house, 2 new members of the family.

Let me introduce you to Cinnamon Sugar Peanut and Optimus Prime :)

Can you guess who named whom?

Terribly neglected!

This poor blog has been terribly neglected by me. I always used to enjoy writing and updating it, but my life has just been out of control and it seems I am lost and cannot keep up with anything. I don`t feel good with it. I don`t like the feeling I am always running behind something, trying to catch up...etc. etc.
I feel overwhelmed and it seems my to do list is growing and growing and nothing gets done.

So instead of a to do list I created a Goal list for 2011 and 2012 (short term and long term) and amongst many other things the most important one is SIMPLIFY MY LIFE!! Just writing it down makes me feel better.
I am going to simplify my life and I am going to stick with it. I realized that I just cannot do everything and I cannot be everywhere. Life will go on even without me being there.
There I said it. Even though I have a hard time with that, because I just like to be a part of many things, I came to realize it`s not possible.
So far so good.
Now I still need to figure out how and I can simplify my life and what gets left behind.
But I`ll get there and I feel good writing it down.
And thats all that matters for now.

Good night world!

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
Hans Hofmann

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2nd grade here we come!

Today starts a new school year, today is the first day of 2nd grade! I can`t believe how time flies. Just 2 years ago we arrived here in AZ and she started Kindergarten. So small and so little..and now I have 2nd grader who is very much looking forward to her new year!

In her own words: Mommy I am excited, but also a bit nervous!!

Well so was her Mommy...but all went well and here are some shots from this morning.

Little brother is excited too

New backpack and new lunchpack

The classroom

Here`s to a good school year with lots and lots of fun.

Can`t wait to hear all the details when I pick her up in a bit.



Friday, July 15, 2011

I am back

Yes thats right, I am finally back!
I get so sidetracked sometimes and so many things are going on that I forget to update my blog.

So lets see what all happened.
May and June were 2 very busy months with Mother`s Day, last day of school, my 38th birthday, our 10th year wedding anniversary and Naiyas 7th birthday and party.
I am definitely good with bday parties for a while especially with the organization of it.

We spent most June at the pool and waterpark since Naiya was on summerbreak and thats just what my kids love to do. A few weeks of art camp and then our beautiful vacation to Strawberry!
Oh how much I heart this place!
Hiking, fishing, swimming in the streams, just being outdoors and being with my family. As always time went by way too fast and I got very sad returning back home.
Of course once you are back in the day to day routine with loads of laundry and a house to take care of it`s all

So now we are on our very last week of summerbreak before my lil girl will start 2nd grade.
Kind of sad.We didn`t get to do all the things we wanted to. But definitely had some nice summer memories and still have whole August to enjoy before fall creeps up.

My lil man will start Pre-K in August and then it is only one more year before he goes to school.

Time is so precious so make sure you make the most of it.Before you know the kids are grown.

June 21 was another very special day in our lives. My 2 beautiful twin nieces Raha and Leni were born. Congrats to my brother and his girlfriend.
We are blessesd to welcome those 2 precious angels to our family.

On another note I started to become a personal trainer.Yay for me. It`s a lot to study, but I hope I can be done by end of September.

Night night for now.Quick update for today.Pictures to follow :)


Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter Weekend

Hope you all had a great and sunny Easter Weekend and the Easter Bunny was good to you!
We had a lot of fun.

Saturday started with an Easterfest at the local park where Calan`s class was performing 2 songs.

I can`t describe how proud I was of my lil man standing on the stage and singing his little heart out. He did soo good and Mommy for sure shed some tears.

The fun continued with about 10 bounce houses and an Easter egg hunt.

Sunday morning the kids managed to sleep until 7am before they stood in front of our bed ready to look for eggs. And they already had spotted some.
So it was time to get up and after a strong cup of coffee the kids got the ok to start looking.

Apparently my kids had been VERY good because they were lots and lots of eggs...

Here are some pics of them in the backyard and at the Botanical Garden.

All in all a great weekend and most important it was magic time for the kids. Oh to be a kid again and just believe....

Hope it was magic for you too!



Monday, April 18, 2011

My first half marathon

I know it`s been a while and I meant to write this post WAY earlier, but life gets in the way and the day never has enough hours. Art least not mine.

So I finished my FIRSS half marathon a few weeks ago.
13.1 miles, all running, YEAH baby!!!

What an incredible experience, I felt so emotional, overwhelmed with feelings when I crossed the finish line.
It was hard, very hard and even though there were moments when I felt like fainting right there and then, something inside of me kept me going, that very competitive part of me and it carried me over the OH SO WONDERFUL FINISH LINE!

And now? I am hooked. Yes I am addicted. I guess I am a runner now! Love it!

Next run? 10K Cinquo de Mayo Run :)

Gotta keep moving!



Friday, March 11, 2011

I can sew

Never thought I could actually really sew, but I did.
Here is the result, isn`t it cute??

Some friends of mine and I got together last weekend for a sewing and chatting afternoon.
We all have sewing machines, but never used them. In fact the only reason why my machine was out of the box was that I needed the box to ship something. Ha ha
So I tried to remember everything what I learned back in Middle School in home economics (Handarbeiten) and some of it actually stuck with me.
We worked after a pattern which my friend Claudia brought and surprisingly it wasn`t too difficult. I just need to remember to stay patient and work slow...
Anyways I am hooked and can`t wait to do more..hmmm but what...Pajama pants, tablerunners, bags??? Oh so many options, we will see...
Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fitness 4 Life Photo Shoot

We had the unique opportunity through Fitness 4 Life to do a photoshoot with the amazing James Patrick. Reason being the successful end of our 8 week challenge.

What an experience to do a professional photoshoot! Quite nervracking (thanks to Terry and Cheryl for the drinks at 11 am to relax us), but also very exciting and a great feeling to be part of such an amazing group!

So here they are, my model pics!

Not totally at my goal yet, but definitely on my way!

Friday, February 18, 2011

May I introduce you... my 2 nieces due in June:

Yes you see right...TWINS....I am sooo excited!!

Totally in pink mode, I am sure my brother and sister-in -law will be very happy to get flooded in pink..HA HA!

And then all those onesies and tshirts that say: My Aunt is cool or My Aunt rocks!!!

Not sure when I will meet them for the first time since they live in Germany, but I will be making sure they get spoiled!
Girlpower!! YAY!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love is in the air

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day and were surrounded by LOVE

We sure did and I spoiled my family with these extra special dinner treats:

Hugs and kisses

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Lollipops

Just found these beautiful Valentine Lollipops an another of my favorite blogs Glorious Treats and so had to try them out. Done in 5 minutes and supercute.

Now you know what my kids will give their friends for Valentines Day :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day decoration

I was looking for some cute Valentines Day decorations and definitely didn`t want to spend a fortune.
So I was reading one of my favorite blogs Dear Lizzy and absolutely just HAD to copy this gorgeous idea.

Different jars filled with hearts !! Genius!!
So I filled them with heart candy, chocolate hearts, foam craft hearts and wooden heart beads.
Then Naiya and I made a heart garland from my Cricut machine and found a red heart light string at our local drugstore.
And we go ... our cute and very creative decoration!!

Excuse the quality of the pictures, my camera just didn`t like me this morning.

Happy Heart week to you!!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Plank Off

Today I participated in the plank off during bootcamp.

I held it for 2 1/2 minutes. Quite happy with the results.

Vintage cooking and baking

When my Mom came to visit over Christmas I asked her to bring me her old 1970 cook book.
Her words were: What do you want with this old thing?

Well, I love vintage and I love memories. And I remember her standing in her kitchen cooking from it and those memories are just priceless...good old times..sometimes I wished I could go back to it.

But since it is not possible I decided to get the book into my kitchen and start using it.

And here it is..totally 1970... totally vintage..

Don`t you love the yellowed pages and the old fashioned pictures?

The BEST marble cake ever

Totally love my new old cook book!!

Camping out

Hi all,

last night was Family Movie Night in our house in the desert. Or call it a camp out.
We moved the coffeetable away, blew up the air mattress, got blankets and pillows and camped out in the living room.
Lights were off except the fireplace and it was just soo cozy!!

The kids picked Chihuahua 2 as the movie and they had plenty snacks and drinks to keep them busy and well fed :)

Everybody loved the family time together and we will definitely do it again.

Happy camping out!!

Long time no talk

Hello everyone,

long time no see. I have totally been slacking in updating my blog...and I am not happy about it!

Seems like the only time when I have time for this is in the middle of the night when I actually should be sleeping.

Oh well, I hope you forgive me.

Let`s think what we have been up to.

We had a great Christmas .My Mom and brother came over to visit from Germany and it was just so wonderful to have them here. I also found out some great news: I will be an aunt in aunt of twins...WOW!!!

It was very sad when they left again and on those days I don`t like living here.On those days I wished I was back in Germany..but those moments pass by quickly especially with my 2 crazy honeybugs buzzing around.

On January 14 I ran my FIRST half marathon.Well not really, I did relay and ran 8.6 miles. But I was very proud of myself and I did awesome time.
I think I can call myself a runner now.

Already signed up for the next...on March 27 in Tucson..this time I am doing the whole 13 miles!!

Me and my family after the race...Calan had a moment and didn`t want to be in the picture

My running buddy Joni and I

Just got in at the relay stop after 8.6 miles...WOW..what a feeling!!

I also started a new 8 week challenge right after New Year.

Tomorrow week 6 is starting and it is going well. Definitely slower than the firts time, but maybe there is less fat to lose now..ha ha
I am down another 9 pounds and a few inches and I am hoping for 5 more pounds in the next 3 weeks. I think I can do it.

The kids are doing good. Naiya still loves school even though she has her moments. She definitely doesn`t like to do homework , that is always a challenge. So I came up with a sticker chart and after 5 days of doing her homework without drama she can go to the dollarstore and pick something. That seems to work.Lately she actually rather wants the $1 in cash since she wants to save money to go back to the Build a Bear store and buy things for "Princess" (her pink dog) .

Calan also got a sticker chart for listening and cleaning up.Let`s just say we are still working on the success...

Time for me to go to bed.
Stay warm wherever you are. And come back to see me!