Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My new club Scrappy Booze

Me and my friend Lori just founded a new club: Scrappy Booze!
I guess the name says it all.. ha ha

Relax, it`s harmless!
It`s about having fun once in a while in a group of girls. Just being yourself, having a drink and doing what we love: Scrapbooking! A girls night out, just that we stay in.

I hadn`t found that yet in our lil hometown in the desert, so that`s when we decided to just start one on our own.
First clubmeeting was last Friday and I think it will be a great success!

The start of the night, a shot to warm up. Did I mention that of all the shots out there Jaeger is one of them I HATE .. right after Tequila..?

But it was not only fun and laughing and goofing around, we actually also finished the project:

Cant` wait for our next meeting!
Hugs and kisses!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

i am hurting

So you know that feeling when you sleep with too many pillows and you wake up in the morning with a total stiff neck...well that happened to me last week.
I couldn`t move my head for a day or so and it hurt quite bad. But it got better and I actually didn`t think about it anymore until this morning at bootcamp... when I punched out 36 sit ups in one minute and I couldn`t get up anymore.....
The pain was back and worse than ever!
I couldn`t even finish bootcamp anymore which was disappointing. And now it has gotten so bad and painful over the day that I honestly don`t even know how I should sleep tonight.

And what`s worse is that I am worried I won`t be able to exercise this week like I should. This is my last week on the challenge, everything is going great! 16 pounds and 3% bodyfat less, but I need this last week to punch it out and rock my results.

So let`s just hope I wake up tomorrow with no pain and I can go on with the program. If not... I will be a cranky lil diva! Not too forget.. a hurting one.

Love to all

Saturday, September 18, 2010

girls scout

Naiya is officially a girls scout now!! Wohoo! She joined a local Daisy troup and is all excited. I guess we will be knocking doors soon selling girl scout cookies... you better buy some when we show up at your door!!

She had her first little event: a Daisy Tea Party
She looked so cute in her lil outfit, my adorable toothless daisy :)

While Naiya was sipping tea and making crafts I hang out with this special guy. Love him more than anything in the world. My lil man!!

You all have a great weekend!
Hugs and kisses!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

almost there

I am almost there! 2 more weeks and I am done with my 8 week challenge. It seemed forever, but now looking back time went by quite fast.
And I lost 15 pounds, 2 %body fat and 10 1/2 inches altogether !!!

What I got out of it?

I am feeling soo much better than I ever did. I am happy and have energy!
I have a whole new wardrobe since I fit in clothes I didnt wear in years!
I think before I eat now. I control my portions.
I am in an exercise routine I am addicted to.
And bootcamp is actually FUN!!!

I am thankful and glad I got this opportunity!

I also want to thank my wonderful friends and family for believing in me and supporting me in my Fitness 4 Life Charity Run!
So far I raised $560 (!!) for the Southern Arizona Lung Cancer Society... wohoo...and I still have 6 weeks time!
I am beside myself of joy... and Papa... this one is for you!!!

Hugs to all of you and good night!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

more home and handmade things

I hope everybody had a great Labor day weekend!
Ours was fun, but definitely more busy than I wanted it to be.

On Saturday we drove up to Phoenix to go to one of my all time favorite stores: IKEA!!!
There is none in Tucson, so we had to drive the 2 hours. But a friend came with us and her daughter so it was a fun excursion. I finally got a big bookshelf for my scrapbook room, so I will post pictures soon once it is all organized.

Since we were already up in Phoenix we also stopped by the BIG Outlet Mall! And I mean BIG.. I could spend days in there...

Sunday and Monday was busy with bootcamp and gym (YES I had to get my workouts in), pool, bicycle rides, BBQ`s and a lil bit of relaxing.

And some more jammaking.. this time Peach and Plum Chocolate... OH YUMMO

And I finished my online class with Lizzy from DEAR LIZZY and it came out sooo adorable!
I am soo in love with it and can`t wait for colder weather so I can wear it.
I will definitely be making more of them.

So that was our long weekend!

I hope everybody has a great week ahead!

Happy September!


P.S. I am on week 6 of my Lean & Fit challenge and it`s going great! 3 more weeks to go... YAY me :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

homemade things

Good morning,

lately I have been into making my own jams. I love the smell of the cooking fruit on the stove and I love to fill the little jars and I love to keep them in my pantry and look at them and it makes me happy :)
Needless to say that the family enjoys homemade jam on white toast.

So yesterday strawberries were on sale, so I bought 2 Kilos and started cooking away. Oh how yummy the house smelled. Like being in Martha Stewarts kitchen.

You all have a yummy weekend, make the most of it.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So I started crocheting again. Another hobby beside scrapbooking, cooking, sewing tees....and I found this beautiful pattern for girls headbands from the talented Cyprianne at Speckled Frog Design and I had to have it.

So I did and started crocheting. It`s like an obsession, I can`t stop. I gotta make one in every color combination.

Here you can see I am in the midst of it all... my ALONE time at night when the family is in sleepy land. Quite relaxing actually.

Aren`t these colors yummy?

and here .. tadah.. the final product:
More to come.
Maybe I am gonna try to sell these?
You all have a colorful and yummy Wednesday!