Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter Weekend

Hope you all had a great and sunny Easter Weekend and the Easter Bunny was good to you!
We had a lot of fun.

Saturday started with an Easterfest at the local park where Calan`s class was performing 2 songs.

I can`t describe how proud I was of my lil man standing on the stage and singing his little heart out. He did soo good and Mommy for sure shed some tears.

The fun continued with about 10 bounce houses and an Easter egg hunt.

Sunday morning the kids managed to sleep until 7am before they stood in front of our bed ready to look for eggs. And they already had spotted some.
So it was time to get up and after a strong cup of coffee the kids got the ok to start looking.

Apparently my kids had been VERY good because they were lots and lots of eggs...

Here are some pics of them in the backyard and at the Botanical Garden.

All in all a great weekend and most important it was magic time for the kids. Oh to be a kid again and just believe....

Hope it was magic for you too!



Monday, April 18, 2011

My first half marathon

I know it`s been a while and I meant to write this post WAY earlier, but life gets in the way and the day never has enough hours. Art least not mine.

So I finished my FIRSS half marathon a few weeks ago.
13.1 miles, all running, YEAH baby!!!

What an incredible experience, I felt so emotional, overwhelmed with feelings when I crossed the finish line.
It was hard, very hard and even though there were moments when I felt like fainting right there and then, something inside of me kept me going, that very competitive part of me and it carried me over the OH SO WONDERFUL FINISH LINE!

And now? I am hooked. Yes I am addicted. I guess I am a runner now! Love it!

Next run? 10K Cinquo de Mayo Run :)

Gotta keep moving!