Sunday, May 30, 2010

One year anniversary

Happy Memorial Day my friends!

This weekend marks our 1 year anniversary in Arizona!!
I can`t believe it. Time flies, but yet it feels like we are here forever already.
My life in North Carolina seems so far away.

I must say we feel quite homey here. We met a lot of people and made some nice friends and especially the kids got used to their new environment, are loving their schools and friends and seem to be happy.
That`s important!

I think for me the transition is the hardest. I like it here, but still have to get used to the heat (not sure if I ever will) and more than anything the remoteness.
We are really quite far away from everything and that can be tough a citygirl like me.
But on the other hand we are surrounded by an amazing nature and sometimes when I walk out of Walmart I can`t believe I have that kind of view.

We are enjoying the long weekend. Did some hiking in Madera Canyon which is just 20 minutes from us.

Did some marshmallows over the outside fire pit. Always a hit in our family!

Did some furnitureshopping, can`t wait to get our new bar and set up the adult entertainment room! Ha ha!
And now it`s time for familyfun in the backyard, pooltime, lunch at my favorite place of all and just hanging out, enjoying my family and be happy!
So here`s to a wonderful Memorial Day! Enjoy the time with your family. Thats all what counts!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Stitches are out!!

No these are not spider legs, these are Naiyas stitches which she chose to save!!

Yes the 8 stitches are out. The doctor cut them and he had me pull them out with tweezers.
Naiya was so brave and didn`t even say one word even though it pinched her a bit.

Here is my little girl without the stitches and just the scar.It should heal nicely leaving only a small line behind.
She is not really happy, rather annoyed that I am telling everybody on facebook how she got her stitches out... and that she has to wait another week to go in the pool... oh well!


So I am 37 now! Yikes!

Never thought of me being almost 40. And the funny part is I still feel like 20. Ok maybe 25.

Had a great bday! My sweet family got my favorite cake for me( all I want is cheesecake) and I got some nice presents.

We had a big night planned out with friends in town and got a babysitter to watch all the kids and even got a driver. Gotta plan for everything!!

It was awesome. First dinner at PF Changs and then barhopping. I had so much fun! Don`t remember all the details, just that I had a great time! Totally worth the headache I had the day after.. LOL

I am excited what the new year brings :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a scare!

Last night must have been one of the scariest nights ever!

It started like a good day. I took Naiya and her friend to the pool and after some water fun we went home and I started dinner while the kids were playing.

After dinner Naiya got up and started goofing around and started spinning around, faster and faster, until she was dizzy. She kept doing it and while we were watching her she lost her balance and fell and hit the bottom piece of our bar stools with her forehead.

I jumped up immediately because I knew she was hurt. She was crying really bad, but at that point I didnt realize how bad it was. Until I saw the blood and the HUUUUGE open cut right above her right eyebrow.. or maybe through her eyebrow.. it was hard to tell since there was just blood everywhere.
I knew we had to get stitches and thank god my friend was here who stayed calm and who was watching Calan while we rushed Naiya to the hospital.

Of course living in small town Arizona it takes 45 minutes to get to an ER. I am not even getting into that right now, but I was MAD...

Anyways we pressed a towel against Naiyas forehead and I held her on my lap while Mark was rushing into town. It stopped bleeding, but I didn`t dare to look since I am not that good with blood..especially not when its on my baby`s face.

Naiya had calmed down a little and I tried to keep her that way.
Finally we arrived at the ER, ran in and a nurse took us right in, cleaned the cut and bandaged it. It was a huge gap right through her eyebrow, so wide open that I could probably stick my Index finger in there.
Then we had to wait... after 3 hours they finally called us in and then the scary part started. Stitching it up!

Naiya had fallen asleep and we tried to wake her for that. She panicked! We had to hold her down, 4 people altogether, because she was screaming and fighting and crying... my poor baby!
That breaks a mothers heart.
Finally the Novocaine was kicking in and she calmed down and didn`t feel the stitches except a couple times.

We came home around midnight, very tired but a bit better.

Naiya slept through all night and didn`t complain about pain. What a brave little girl!

Today she was doing so much better. She got a little scared when she saw herself in the mirror, but after a while she was fine. No pain at all :)

I am sure the big new pink Barbie camper sitting in our living room helped on the way to recovery.. LOL

Here`s my baby this morning with her big Boo Boo

Gotta kiss that baby now, she is just too cute!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kindergarten graduation


What a big day! I am soooo proud of my baby girl! She is so smart and passionate and cute and loving and has come so far in just that first year of school! She ist starting to read chapter books and I am just amazed how fast she picks things up.

So this morning was very emotional! More so for Mommy!
We all met in the gym and the classes came in and performed some really cute songs.

Then we returned to the classrooms for awards and a slide show which brought all the Moms and Dads to tears. Way to go Mrs Hoffman!!

The celebration ended with cake and punch and some very excited kindergarteners soon to be first graders!

Not sure if I am ready for my baby girl to grow up that fast. Before I know she will be REALLY graduating and I will be old :(

Ok enough of that. Only 2 more days of school and then 2 month of NOTHING!

Looking forward to a very lazy and relaxed summer!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

our busy life

It seems that life gets so busy and at the end of the day I have no time for anything.I wanted to write forever what we were up to and finally I am getting to it.

We celebrated Naiyas 6th birtday last weekend. Her real birthday is not until end of June, but with summer break we decided to have it early. Those poor summer babies, they never get to celebrate their special day during school time.

We went bowling and that turned out super! I know we will be back since all the kids had so much fun.

Here is us during cake time.

And this is THE cake which took me 6 hours to finish, but it turned out fanulous. I almost didnt want to cut it.. ha ha

This is the firts time I experienced with fondant and I was a little nervous, but it was fine. You just gotta be patient.
Naiya loved her cake and I hope it gave her special memories for years to come.

These were the party favors we gave to the kids. Since it was a Strawberry Shortcake party every kid went home with a strawberry plant in a red pot me and the kids painted. Awesome idea!

A little summer splashing fun during a hot Arizona afternoon and when I dont feel like going to the waterpark.

These pics were taken Mothers Day. I had a great day and my family made it special for me.
Yes I got a bicycle.. finally.. I wanted one forever. It`s so much fun especially now where the kids can ride without training wheels and we can go on bike rides.

My supercute bike... watch out here I come!!

Mothers Day lunch out in the country

My kids just LOVE to swing.. it`s an addiction!

Splash Day at school

And my newest project: painting our bedroom with a little helper:

Have a great May, I`ll be back soon