Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Tuesday

Yes, just another Tuesday in our crazy life. We are pretty much in the swing of things. 3rd week of school and Naiya has well adjusted to the old new school. Loves it, rides her bike every morning and afternoon and is just as independent as could be.

Calan on the other hand is not loving it that much....yet I hope!  He still gets upset in the mornings and doesn`t want to go, but I am really really hoping that in a few weeks it will all be good. I think he feels just overwhelmed at the new school: soo many kids, so much noise....hey, it`s overwhelming for me when I drop him off.

Naiya is going to be on the swim team this year. First practice tonight and I am excited for her. She will do great since she loves the water and enjoyed the summer season on the team. We`ll see how it goes when winter hits here and she has to go to practice though... But for now she is ready to jump in.

Calan will do Taekwondo after school and maybe soccer and he is also interested in becoming a boyscout. I am all for trying everything out to see where his strength is.

I would post photos if I could but unfortunately I drowned my phone past Friday so I am phone-less until tomorrow which is just a D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!!! I feel lost without my phone. What`s even worse is that I can`t call anyone because all my numbers are in my directory and I can`t get to it ....just pathetic how much we rely on modern technology!

Anyways that`s it for now.

Enjoy that Tuesday and I will be back soon.

P.S. Happy birthday to my wonderful Mama!
I miss you always!


P.P.S. Don`t you love Calan the photobomb???

Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Rating

Hello my dears,

just a quick update before this day is over.
I just read one of the most emotional books ever, I was so drawn into the story,I loved it and hated it at the same time. I totally disliked what happened kind of in the middle, but I literally couldn`t stop reading it. I started Saturday night and read until 4.30 AM (!!) until I forced myself to turn off the light and finished it off during Sunday afternoon.

So yes, I recommend it :)

On another note I started teaching a kids Hip Hop Hustle class and it was great FUN. They all had a great time and it was so cute to see them shake it and turn it and bounce it....can`t wait  for next week.

So that is it for tonight. Off to bed!
And yes, I am reading Taking Chances AGAIN :) :)

Sweet dreams world!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Running Season just started

Yay running season just started! Well at least for me.
For others it`s their TV show season or their hunting season or their football season...and for me it`s running!
Once the summer break is over I start getting back into my running and my training because several runs are coming up and every year I get very competitive and wanna be faster than the year before...at least by 5 minutes.

I love and hate running at the same time so you could say I have a Love-Hate relationship with it. Sometimes it`s just so hard to get started but once you are done the feeling is incredible. Not to mention the runs especially the half marathons. That feeling of adrenaline rushing through you and you just wanna cross the finish line and when you do you are on top of the world.
5K`s are kind of boring to me now. I don`t even count them as real runs. Half marathons are the way to go. 13.1 miles, bring it on!

I am planning on doing the following runs in the fall / winter so I have plenty of time to get even faster.

Labor Day Saguaro Run 8 miles (one of the toughest courses, all hills )
November HIGHLIGHT: Rock`n Roll Half Marathon in LAS VEGAS!! All signed up, ready to conquer the strip!
December Tucson Half Marathon: Fun 13.1 miles mostly downhill
January Rock`n Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix: probably my favorite run of all, this will be my 4th year!

So I am keeping busy and active as long as running makes me HAPPY!

Keep moving!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Books, books and more books

Before summer started our family made a summer reading list and we had to pledge how many books we would read over the break. Every book the kids went over they would get $1 as incentive.

Naiya decided for 10 books which she easily managed. I think she ended up reading 23 books. What a superstar, Mom had to pay up!

Calan vowed for 4 books and he did it. He didn`t go over the number but that was just fine with me.

Well, Daddy read like 2 books or so and I had pledged for 20!! Needless to say I didn`t read that many, but probably ended up with 13 or 14.
Not bad at all since I hadn`t picked up a book in the longest time. Before there was never any time left for reading but somehow Summer 2013 was a reading- kind- of- summer and it was awesome.

We would go to the library probably twice a week and pick up our reserved books.I just love to go to a library and browse through all the isles. It`s almost as good as Barnes and Nobles, it`s just missing the coffee:)

Some of the books I read were the Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay which I absolutely adored!  I continued  with Gone Girl (not my favorite), Lovely Bones(4stars)  and City of Bones. I gave that one 5 stars and can`t wait to continue the series.

I just finished the Secretkeeper tonight and have about 5 to 6 books on my nightstand waiting to be read:

So I am hooked again on reading which is a good thing. Find me on goodreads, I am always looking for some good recommendations.

Happy reading!!

P.S> Just finished 6 years in 2 days and it is AWESOME!!!

Summer Vacation

Unfortunately summer vacation is over, but we are still remembering those fun vacation days in Lake Havasu, Arizona.
We rented a house right by the lake and kids were happy as can be just swimming and fishing and swimming a bit more, and boating and swimming again.

Time flew by, but we always have our memories!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to Blogging, Back to my routine and Back to School

Well hello there!

We or better I am BACK! Back for good from my long break in the blogger world.
I wasn`t sure if I wanted continue mostly because of lack of time, but I do enjoy readung other families blogs so much so I figured there must be some people out there that enjoy reading my blog.
So I am opening our life back up to you, let you peek into our crazy crazy lifes.

Everything is good, we are still in our cozy and comfy house in the desert. Life seems to get crazier a little more every day. We expanded a little and adopted a silver lab puppy who seriously turns EVERYTHING upside down!

My wonderful two kids are now in 1st and 4th grade and I am in awe when I look at them and notice how grown they have become.

It will take much time to catch up but in the meantime  here is a pic from our back to school morning. Yes back to public school and back to uniform. That`s good and bad, I guess :)

In the meantime stay tuned, because you will see and read more from us!

Stay cool!