Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to Blogging, Back to my routine and Back to School

Well hello there!

We or better I am BACK! Back for good from my long break in the blogger world.
I wasn`t sure if I wanted continue mostly because of lack of time, but I do enjoy readung other families blogs so much so I figured there must be some people out there that enjoy reading my blog.
So I am opening our life back up to you, let you peek into our crazy crazy lifes.

Everything is good, we are still in our cozy and comfy house in the desert. Life seems to get crazier a little more every day. We expanded a little and adopted a silver lab puppy who seriously turns EVERYTHING upside down!

My wonderful two kids are now in 1st and 4th grade and I am in awe when I look at them and notice how grown they have become.

It will take much time to catch up but in the meantime  here is a pic from our back to school morning. Yes back to public school and back to uniform. That`s good and bad, I guess :)

In the meantime stay tuned, because you will see and read more from us!

Stay cool!


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