Friday, August 9, 2013

Books, books and more books

Before summer started our family made a summer reading list and we had to pledge how many books we would read over the break. Every book the kids went over they would get $1 as incentive.

Naiya decided for 10 books which she easily managed. I think she ended up reading 23 books. What a superstar, Mom had to pay up!

Calan vowed for 4 books and he did it. He didn`t go over the number but that was just fine with me.

Well, Daddy read like 2 books or so and I had pledged for 20!! Needless to say I didn`t read that many, but probably ended up with 13 or 14.
Not bad at all since I hadn`t picked up a book in the longest time. Before there was never any time left for reading but somehow Summer 2013 was a reading- kind- of- summer and it was awesome.

We would go to the library probably twice a week and pick up our reserved books.I just love to go to a library and browse through all the isles. It`s almost as good as Barnes and Nobles, it`s just missing the coffee:)

Some of the books I read were the Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay which I absolutely adored!  I continued  with Gone Girl (not my favorite), Lovely Bones(4stars)  and City of Bones. I gave that one 5 stars and can`t wait to continue the series.

I just finished the Secretkeeper tonight and have about 5 to 6 books on my nightstand waiting to be read:

So I am hooked again on reading which is a good thing. Find me on goodreads, I am always looking for some good recommendations.

Happy reading!!

P.S> Just finished 6 years in 2 days and it is AWESOME!!!

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