Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St.Patties Day

Happy St. Patties Day everyone!
Naiya just made some yummy cupcakes for today all in green. And then of course she had to have a taste. They are delicious with pistacchio pudding and chocolate chips inside :)

We had a great weekend with our friends from Texas visiting and sat around the outside fire pit and talked about old times and laughed so hard at times that my belly was hurting.

I went out and bought some flowers yesterday. This springweather makes me want to plant all day long. So I did a little bit, just a few pots and it looks so pretty and just perfect. How a few flowers can just make you happy.
I will definitely get some more.

So I am wishing you a happy St.Patties Day and celebrate the Irish in you!
Take care

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally springbreak

Finally Springbreak... I am so excited for Naiya that she has the next week off and can just relax and not worry about getting dressed and ready for school.
Some friends are coming to visit tomorrow and will stay with us for a few days and I also plan on taking the kids to the zoo/park/icecream store.. etc. Just do what we feel like.
Living in the day... Definitely riding a bike.

And then of course enjoy our beautiful backyard... it feels so wonderful to sit out there, listen to the waterfall, hear the kids playing with the stones and water.Its just an oasis and we are so very blessed to have that. Here are some pictures.

I had a fantastic last week. Just happy and content and carrying the sunshine in my heart... lol. I know it does sound corny, but thats how I truly felt.
Been going to the gym quite a bit and started running again which feels so great!

And then of course yesterday morning a little package in the mail.
Tatatataaaaa.. my SHOES!!!

Arent they just FABULOUS!! I am literally in love with them and wear them around the house in my PJ`s.. ha ha.
So here`s to carrying the sunshine in your heart!
Have a wonderful weekend and go outside and look around and see and smell spring!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I love this feeling when you walk out of the house in a new and crisp morning and you can just smell spring.It just makes me so happy, I feel like I want to spend all day outside and plant new flowers and read a book in the sun. We here in the desert have to enjoy that feeling because in another month or so it will start to get hot and before we know it`s like 80F outside. So this weekend I will spend most of my time outside with my kids. Maybe take them for a bikeride.

Sorry I havent been in touch for a while. February was a very busy month (like always), had some drama going on with my family back home in Germany. But that`s all behind me now. I am moving on.

We adopted our first hero through Adopt-a-Hero and we are very excited to start sending letters and care packages and thank him for all he does to keep us safe. It`s a wonderful program and please consider adopting one yourself. It doesn`t take much, all they want to hear and feel is that we back home support them and that will boost their morals during this time of war.

I also started my diet back up and I am doing really well. I feel like I am addicted to working out. I usually do my work out video in the morning and then I am trying to go on th treadmill at night.I am thinking of starting a 6 week bootcamp program a friend of mine offers. I am not sure if I am ready, I do feel intimidated, but I might give it a try.. :)
This is going to be my reward if I stick to my exercise /diet program. Aren`t they lovely.. I am actually drooling over them.

So I am wishing you a sunny kind of weekend!



feeling very scrappy

Good morning!
February was a very scrappy month for me, I went to 2 night crops and also participated in a scrapathon so I got over 20 pages done. YAY!! Here are some of my newest creations: