Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally springbreak

Finally Springbreak... I am so excited for Naiya that she has the next week off and can just relax and not worry about getting dressed and ready for school.
Some friends are coming to visit tomorrow and will stay with us for a few days and I also plan on taking the kids to the zoo/park/icecream store.. etc. Just do what we feel like.
Living in the day... Definitely riding a bike.

And then of course enjoy our beautiful backyard... it feels so wonderful to sit out there, listen to the waterfall, hear the kids playing with the stones and water.Its just an oasis and we are so very blessed to have that. Here are some pictures.

I had a fantastic last week. Just happy and content and carrying the sunshine in my heart... lol. I know it does sound corny, but thats how I truly felt.
Been going to the gym quite a bit and started running again which feels so great!

And then of course yesterday morning a little package in the mail.
Tatatataaaaa.. my SHOES!!!

Arent they just FABULOUS!! I am literally in love with them and wear them around the house in my PJ`s.. ha ha.
So here`s to carrying the sunshine in your heart!
Have a wonderful weekend and go outside and look around and see and smell spring!

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