Thursday, November 10, 2011


Trying to follow my goal list (which I will talk about later more), I am working on spending more quality time with my kids.

So today after I picked up my little man from school we went to the lake and fed the ducks. I also brought him a lunch which he enjoyed after the ducks got their share of bread.

So take some minutes out of your hectic day and just ENJOY! Time flies by way too fast and before we know it it`s too late and the kids are all grown and we can`t turn back the clock.

So here`s to feeding some ducks with my favorite boy :)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today my mind was wandering a lot. On a good note I passed my exam and can call myself now a personal trainer. I am proud and happy and exited and can`t wait to see where this journey leads me to..hopefully many good things.

Then my mind starting going off...thinking off my dad whose birthday it is today and who would have turned 65 years today.

And I kept wondering what he would have said to me had he known what I achieved today. He would have been happy and excited for me and I wished he could see me now. The last time we were together I was almost 40 pounds heavier and fitness was no word in my vocabulary. Now almost 3 years later my life has changed and I wished he would still be around to see it.

I wished he would still be around to see so many more things: my kids growing up so fast, the state I am living in now, 2 new grandtwins in the family...all good things.

Maybe he smiles down on us from up there and cheers us on. At least that`s something I`d like to believe in.

Happy birthday Papa!
Love you forever!

Tell someone you love him today!

New friends

We have 2 new friends in the house, 2 new members of the family.

Let me introduce you to Cinnamon Sugar Peanut and Optimus Prime :)

Can you guess who named whom?

Terribly neglected!

This poor blog has been terribly neglected by me. I always used to enjoy writing and updating it, but my life has just been out of control and it seems I am lost and cannot keep up with anything. I don`t feel good with it. I don`t like the feeling I am always running behind something, trying to catch up...etc. etc.
I feel overwhelmed and it seems my to do list is growing and growing and nothing gets done.

So instead of a to do list I created a Goal list for 2011 and 2012 (short term and long term) and amongst many other things the most important one is SIMPLIFY MY LIFE!! Just writing it down makes me feel better.
I am going to simplify my life and I am going to stick with it. I realized that I just cannot do everything and I cannot be everywhere. Life will go on even without me being there.
There I said it. Even though I have a hard time with that, because I just like to be a part of many things, I came to realize it`s not possible.
So far so good.
Now I still need to figure out how and I can simplify my life and what gets left behind.
But I`ll get there and I feel good writing it down.
And thats all that matters for now.

Good night world!

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
Hans Hofmann