Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2nd grade here we come!

Today starts a new school year, today is the first day of 2nd grade! I can`t believe how time flies. Just 2 years ago we arrived here in AZ and she started Kindergarten. So small and so little..and now I have 2nd grader who is very much looking forward to her new year!

In her own words: Mommy I am excited, but also a bit nervous!!

Well so was her Mommy...but all went well and here are some shots from this morning.

Little brother is excited too

New backpack and new lunchpack

The classroom

Here`s to a good school year with lots and lots of fun.

Can`t wait to hear all the details when I pick her up in a bit.



Friday, July 15, 2011

I am back

Yes thats right, I am finally back!
I get so sidetracked sometimes and so many things are going on that I forget to update my blog.

So lets see what all happened.
May and June were 2 very busy months with Mother`s Day, last day of school, my 38th birthday, our 10th year wedding anniversary and Naiyas 7th birthday and party.
I am definitely good with bday parties for a while especially with the organization of it.

We spent most June at the pool and waterpark since Naiya was on summerbreak and thats just what my kids love to do. A few weeks of art camp and then our beautiful vacation to Strawberry!
Oh how much I heart this place!
Hiking, fishing, swimming in the streams, just being outdoors and being with my family. As always time went by way too fast and I got very sad returning back home.
Of course once you are back in the day to day routine with loads of laundry and a house to take care of it`s all

So now we are on our very last week of summerbreak before my lil girl will start 2nd grade.
Kind of sad.We didn`t get to do all the things we wanted to. But definitely had some nice summer memories and still have whole August to enjoy before fall creeps up.

My lil man will start Pre-K in August and then it is only one more year before he goes to school.

Time is so precious so make sure you make the most of it.Before you know the kids are grown.

June 21 was another very special day in our lives. My 2 beautiful twin nieces Raha and Leni were born. Congrats to my brother and his girlfriend.
We are blessesd to welcome those 2 precious angels to our family.

On another note I started to become a personal trainer.Yay for me. It`s a lot to study, but I hope I can be done by end of September.

Night night for now.Quick update for today.Pictures to follow :)