Saturday, August 10, 2013

Running Season just started

Yay running season just started! Well at least for me.
For others it`s their TV show season or their hunting season or their football season...and for me it`s running!
Once the summer break is over I start getting back into my running and my training because several runs are coming up and every year I get very competitive and wanna be faster than the year least by 5 minutes.

I love and hate running at the same time so you could say I have a Love-Hate relationship with it. Sometimes it`s just so hard to get started but once you are done the feeling is incredible. Not to mention the runs especially the half marathons. That feeling of adrenaline rushing through you and you just wanna cross the finish line and when you do you are on top of the world.
5K`s are kind of boring to me now. I don`t even count them as real runs. Half marathons are the way to go. 13.1 miles, bring it on!

I am planning on doing the following runs in the fall / winter so I have plenty of time to get even faster.

Labor Day Saguaro Run 8 miles (one of the toughest courses, all hills )
November HIGHLIGHT: Rock`n Roll Half Marathon in LAS VEGAS!! All signed up, ready to conquer the strip!
December Tucson Half Marathon: Fun 13.1 miles mostly downhill
January Rock`n Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix: probably my favorite run of all, this will be my 4th year!

So I am keeping busy and active as long as running makes me HAPPY!

Keep moving!

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