Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a scare!

Last night must have been one of the scariest nights ever!

It started like a good day. I took Naiya and her friend to the pool and after some water fun we went home and I started dinner while the kids were playing.

After dinner Naiya got up and started goofing around and started spinning around, faster and faster, until she was dizzy. She kept doing it and while we were watching her she lost her balance and fell and hit the bottom piece of our bar stools with her forehead.

I jumped up immediately because I knew she was hurt. She was crying really bad, but at that point I didnt realize how bad it was. Until I saw the blood and the HUUUUGE open cut right above her right eyebrow.. or maybe through her eyebrow.. it was hard to tell since there was just blood everywhere.
I knew we had to get stitches and thank god my friend was here who stayed calm and who was watching Calan while we rushed Naiya to the hospital.

Of course living in small town Arizona it takes 45 minutes to get to an ER. I am not even getting into that right now, but I was MAD...

Anyways we pressed a towel against Naiyas forehead and I held her on my lap while Mark was rushing into town. It stopped bleeding, but I didn`t dare to look since I am not that good with blood..especially not when its on my baby`s face.

Naiya had calmed down a little and I tried to keep her that way.
Finally we arrived at the ER, ran in and a nurse took us right in, cleaned the cut and bandaged it. It was a huge gap right through her eyebrow, so wide open that I could probably stick my Index finger in there.
Then we had to wait... after 3 hours they finally called us in and then the scary part started. Stitching it up!

Naiya had fallen asleep and we tried to wake her for that. She panicked! We had to hold her down, 4 people altogether, because she was screaming and fighting and crying... my poor baby!
That breaks a mothers heart.
Finally the Novocaine was kicking in and she calmed down and didn`t feel the stitches except a couple times.

We came home around midnight, very tired but a bit better.

Naiya slept through all night and didn`t complain about pain. What a brave little girl!

Today she was doing so much better. She got a little scared when she saw herself in the mirror, but after a while she was fine. No pain at all :)

I am sure the big new pink Barbie camper sitting in our living room helped on the way to recovery.. LOL

Here`s my baby this morning with her big Boo Boo

Gotta kiss that baby now, she is just too cute!

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