Sunday, May 30, 2010

One year anniversary

Happy Memorial Day my friends!

This weekend marks our 1 year anniversary in Arizona!!
I can`t believe it. Time flies, but yet it feels like we are here forever already.
My life in North Carolina seems so far away.

I must say we feel quite homey here. We met a lot of people and made some nice friends and especially the kids got used to their new environment, are loving their schools and friends and seem to be happy.
That`s important!

I think for me the transition is the hardest. I like it here, but still have to get used to the heat (not sure if I ever will) and more than anything the remoteness.
We are really quite far away from everything and that can be tough a citygirl like me.
But on the other hand we are surrounded by an amazing nature and sometimes when I walk out of Walmart I can`t believe I have that kind of view.

We are enjoying the long weekend. Did some hiking in Madera Canyon which is just 20 minutes from us.

Did some marshmallows over the outside fire pit. Always a hit in our family!

Did some furnitureshopping, can`t wait to get our new bar and set up the adult entertainment room! Ha ha!
And now it`s time for familyfun in the backyard, pooltime, lunch at my favorite place of all and just hanging out, enjoying my family and be happy!
So here`s to a wonderful Memorial Day! Enjoy the time with your family. Thats all what counts!

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