Friday, March 11, 2011

I can sew

Never thought I could actually really sew, but I did.
Here is the result, isn`t it cute??

Some friends of mine and I got together last weekend for a sewing and chatting afternoon.
We all have sewing machines, but never used them. In fact the only reason why my machine was out of the box was that I needed the box to ship something. Ha ha
So I tried to remember everything what I learned back in Middle School in home economics (Handarbeiten) and some of it actually stuck with me.
We worked after a pattern which my friend Claudia brought and surprisingly it wasn`t too difficult. I just need to remember to stay patient and work slow...
Anyways I am hooked and can`t wait to do more..hmmm but what...Pajama pants, tablerunners, bags??? Oh so many options, we will see...
Have a fabulous weekend!

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