Sunday, September 19, 2010

i am hurting

So you know that feeling when you sleep with too many pillows and you wake up in the morning with a total stiff neck...well that happened to me last week.
I couldn`t move my head for a day or so and it hurt quite bad. But it got better and I actually didn`t think about it anymore until this morning at bootcamp... when I punched out 36 sit ups in one minute and I couldn`t get up anymore.....
The pain was back and worse than ever!
I couldn`t even finish bootcamp anymore which was disappointing. And now it has gotten so bad and painful over the day that I honestly don`t even know how I should sleep tonight.

And what`s worse is that I am worried I won`t be able to exercise this week like I should. This is my last week on the challenge, everything is going great! 16 pounds and 3% bodyfat less, but I need this last week to punch it out and rock my results.

So let`s just hope I wake up tomorrow with no pain and I can go on with the program. If not... I will be a cranky lil diva! Not too forget.. a hurting one.

Love to all

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