Tuesday, September 14, 2010

almost there

I am almost there! 2 more weeks and I am done with my 8 week challenge. It seemed forever, but now looking back time went by quite fast.
And I lost 15 pounds, 2 %body fat and 10 1/2 inches altogether !!!

What I got out of it?

I am feeling soo much better than I ever did. I am happy and have energy!
I have a whole new wardrobe since I fit in clothes I didnt wear in years!
I think before I eat now. I control my portions.
I am in an exercise routine I am addicted to.
And bootcamp is actually FUN!!!

I am thankful and glad I got this opportunity!

I also want to thank my wonderful friends and family for believing in me and supporting me in my Fitness 4 Life Charity Run!
So far I raised $560 (!!) for the Southern Arizona Lung Cancer Society... wohoo...and I still have 6 weeks time!
I am beside myself of joy... and Papa... this one is for you!!!

Hugs to all of you and good night!

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