Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Family Fun

On weekends we love to get into the car and drive out into the country...or city.. or just wherever the wind takes us.

Find new places, create new memories and for me.. get new scrapbook material!
I take my camera everwhere and take pics of everything... I think it is starting to annoy my family.
But one day they will be thankful for all these great snapshots!

So here are some pics from the last weekends.

Driving up to the observatory, the view is just INCREDIBLE!

And to our big surprise we saw a brown bear in the wilderness...we couldn`t believe our eyes!

I heart this pic, my lil man!

Weather was kind of funny and it started to get dark and cloudy and we could see it raining, but we were lucky and drove aroud the rain clouds so it never hit us.

Until we got to here.... it must have rained hard because the street was perfectly fine when we crossed it an hour earlier...

.. so we had to wait a bit because we weren`t sure how deep or fast the water was.
The kids were scared, but we called it our family adventure.
And after a while we were able to cross safely.

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