Thursday, November 28, 2013

October Fall Fun

Hello hello,

I gotta catch up on some of our fall activities before it is too late. This is gonna be a longer post :)

As always we try to do as many fall activities as we can and squeeze it all in in the month of October and take advantage of the somewhat cooler temperatures.Even though this year it was still hot.

One of our fall traditions during fall break is to go out to Apple Annies and pick some apples from the trees, enjoy some pumpkin icecream, find our way through the corn maze, roll in tubs of corn kernels and bring home a pumpkin from the field. This year we did it again with some of our good friends and it always turns into a great day.

At home we use the 20 pounds of apples to make delicious apple pie, apple bread, some more pies, apple sauce and even more pies to freeze. Sooooo good!

Then we tried another pumpkin patch in town which we hadn`t been before, but I gotta say I didn`t really care for it. It seemed to be a rip off and there weren`t that many things to do for the kids. Lesson  learned, we won`t go back.  But you know me I had to take a few fun pictures...of course!


 She loves her white pumpkin

So the weekend after we went back to our favorite pumpkin farm here in our area: Agua Linda Farm.
I love the feeling when you get there, so natural, so peaceful. The kids have the best time. It`s not so big so they can just run around, swing in the huge tire swings, pet the ponies and donkeys,  feed the petting zoo animals, run through a kid size hay maze and finish it off with a delicious pumpkin pie and some pumpkin flavored coffee for mommy. Did I mention we LOVE anything pumpkin in this house??

A few days before Halloween it is our tradition to carve pumpkins. Yes we do like traditions!
The kids are always super motivated , but then things don`t necessarily turn out the way they are supposed to be and they get impatient or mad. Calan especially and this year I had to try hard not to laugh because he was already very upset that his pumpkin didn`t look like he wanted it to be. But I think they all look fantastic and I enjoyed the time with my family.

Trying to come up with a good pumpkin face


the "electric saw" made it so much easier and Daddy was excited he could bring it out
working hard

the end result...cute, right?

Talking about traditions: there are more! Hope you don`t get bored yet.
The kids ALWAYS decorate a pumpkin cake the day before Halloween and they get to enjoy it right after. I give them "decorator freedom" and let them put as much frosting and sprinkles on as they want. Surprisingly this year wasn`t too bad and you could still eat it.

MORE sprinkles!!!

And finally Halloween Night. This year they decided for a Goth Witch and the Grim Reeper.
I think the time of the cute and adorable costumes is over. My kids are growing older and they want the scary costumes now. Aren`t they still so cute though?

So as you can see we had a great time in October and are ready for more fun.
Bring it!



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