Thursday, November 28, 2013

Just Naiya

Here are some random, recent things about Naiya.

Her girl scout Junior troop participated in an annual parade in town and they were able to sit on a float the whole time and advertise for girl scouts. She was very excited especially because she had to miss it the year before and was mostly looking forward to the "float riding" and waving. I was able to get a few cute shots.


She also received a few awards for the first quarter of this school year and this Mommy couldn`t be more proud. Way to go Naiya!!

She really got into swimming this school year and loves her swim team and improved incredibly. She trains 3 times a week and we try to go to as many swim meets as we can. I am always speechless when I see her shooting through the water and I do admire what a great swimmer she has become.
She is just growing up too fast and there is nothing that I can do except saviour every moment.

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