Thursday, September 5, 2013

Who knew..... would be so hard to send your lil guy to school???

Calan is having the hardest time in his new school and therefore so do I :(
He doesn`t like to go and every morning the first words when he wakes up are: I don`t want to go to school.
And he cries when I drop him off...not the loud screaming, just the silent tears dropping from his big blue eyes and it BREAKS my heart. I just wanna cry with him but try to be strong for him.

And there is no specific reason why he doesn`t want to go.His teacher says he is doing great and once he is there it`s all good. 

I think he is just not used to so many kids and so much noise around him and it`s just all too much for my shy guy...

Hoping that soon he will feel better about it, because that is one of the hardest thing as a Mom: letting your kid go even though you know they are not happy.

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