Sunday, September 22, 2013

Family Day

Since it had been so hot in the past months here in the desert we couldn`t really do a lot of things on the weekends except staying inside or hanging out by the pool.

It seems that those times are finally over, because...FALL is on its way and with it temperatures are dropping.

So it was time again to have a family outing and one spot that has been on my list for the longest time was Ruby, AZ. A ghosttown with only 1 caretaker living there. I read about it first in a magazine and couldn`t believe that it was so close to home. And what could be more fun and exciting than  wandering through a ghosttown?
So today was the day. We packed our coolers with lunch and waters and off we went towards Ruby. The drive itself was quite interesting and adventurous on unpaved, windy roads with car-sick children in the back but when we got there all our expectations were fullfilled. It was the neatest little ghosttown with deserted buildings and a mine and there was even a lake with a huge white sandy beach.

Enjoy our pictures from our fun day and if you are in the area stop by Ruby and make some fun family memories.

Welcome to Ruby:

Sandy Beach

and of course:

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