Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Mom`s here

My Mom arrived past Sunday and she will stay for 3 weeks with us in our house in the desert!
I am so excited. As many of you know my Dad passed away beginning of the year and it has been a tough year for her so far.
So I am so glad she was able to make the trip and just have some fun times with the grandkids and us.
So today was great.
After we dropped off the munchkins at their schools we went for breakfast in a small diner and then we strolled over the farmers market. ! My Mom can`t get over the free coffee refill during breakfast... they just dont have that in Germany!
In the afternoon we got ourselves some iced mochas at the local coffee shop. It`s such a treat!I really dont want to know the calories I am taking in there, but its sooo worth it. Then some shopping at the mall and back home.
I already know that time will go by way too fast so I have to ENJOY every moment of it!

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