Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010

Happy New Year to all my friends!
May 2010 bring you happiness,health, love, peace, joy and everything you wish for!
I am excited for 2010, it MUST be a good year!
2009 was a busy one. We lost people we loved, we left great friends behind,we bought a new home, we moved crosscountry, the kids started kindergarten and daycare and we are still getting used to the new area.

For 2010 I wish for some more peace and quietness in our lifes and that we can settle down in our beautiful home in the desert and make many great friends.

I wish for health and happiness, I want the kids to be happy in the new environment, I want them to blossom and grow and make lots of great friendship.

For me I wish to get some peace in my crazy day to day life and to just stop and breathe sometimes. Have more quality time with my kids and family and more time for my creative ideas.. and I have lots in my head for this year. More to come later!

For now I say good night with some fun snowplay things from the desert.


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