Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to school

Hello my friends, happy Monday!

Today was back to school after 2 weeks being lazy and ignoring the clock. And how nice those past 2 weeks were with fun activities like going to the movies, shopping, a visit to our favorite cafe, sledding.. etc.

I have to say it was quite tough for Mama to get out of bed at 5.30am and start the day.
7 am sounds so much better.
The kids did fine and my lil princess was so excited to see her friends.A bunch of lil kindergarteners were crying this morning, but not my daughter. She hugged and kissed me and walked right into the gate of the playground. I feel so proud of here!

My lil man has a hard time right now going back to school. I guess he was used to the different schedule over a Cristmas break and we have some small tantrums in the mornings. I feel sad when I have to leave him crying.
His new expression is: I`m all alone here and he says it with that pitiful voice, you just want to scoopjhim up and kiss him and hug him forever.

I didnt get to do any crafting today...I have to get this house back in shape after those 2 weeks of doing nothing. I alaso need to organize my scrapping area, but that just might be a project for tomorrow.

Off to bed now, its getting late in the desert and the alarm clock strikes at 5am

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