Saturday, October 9, 2010

Horseback riding

Since we live in the wild west now farms and horses and horse back riding are part of everyday life. So we had to do it too... horseback riding I mean.

Some good friends of ours took us with them to check it out and the kids absolutely loved it. And they were so good at it too. Little Miss N looked like she has been in the saddle since she is born and the lil man had no fear at all.

I guess my kids have the western blood already in them. Me not so much yet.But I wore my cowboy boots for the first time and soon maybe soon I will be on that horse too... we`ll see :)

We decided to have Calan`s 4th bday party at the ranch and make it a cowboy rodeo party. Oh I am soo excited already and have all these cute ideas in my head to make it perfect.Matching plates and napkins and goodie bages... I need to stop, I can`t take on more projects, my head is spinning.. but oh the possibilities...

Enjoy your weekend... make it a western kind of day :)


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