Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Now that June is almost over I wanted to update on that busy month.

Since Naiya is out of school right now we spent most of our days at the waterpark.
How much fun the kids have there and I get to work on my tan as well :)

Naiya and I did a girlstrip to New Mexico for a few days and had soo much fun! Now that she is such a big girl already it is awesome that we can do these things together. I am looking forward to many more girls trips in the future!

Calan stayed home with Daddy and they also had a good time and did Father Son Bonding..

Here are some pictures from the drive to New Mexico through the desert..

At the reststop..

Naiya helping with the horses...

Lunch in Las Cruces...

Cute lil girl...

And of course we HAD to get Cowboy boots since we live in the Wild West now...

Me too :)

On June 15 Mark and I celebrated out 9th anniversary! Where did the time go?
I remember exactly the day we got married in Florida with our families and closest friends.
9 great years with my awesome guy...looking forward to many more years together!
We went out a few days later to a new Mexican restaurant in town and boy, did we have fun. Just sat at the bar, had some appetizers, tried all the Mojitos they had, talked to a lot of people and just enjoyed being out.
Definitely have to do that more often especially since we have a bar in town now... wohoo
And then today the princess`s 6th birthday!!!!Happy birthday to my favorite girl in the world!!!!
Make it a great day!

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